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  1. Warrior

From the recording Warrior


War, War, War, War
Verse 1
The task is great, and I’m afraid
So many doubts, things to be said
Just one more day and I’ll be ready
To do this thing, that must be done
I know I’ve been called; my time has come
But I ain’t ready, to go to war
Just one more day, just one more day
Then I’ll be ready, for my destiny
(Warriors March)
Cause I’m a Warrior
Yes I’m a Warrior
Said I’m a Warrior
(War, War, War, War)
Verse 2
Stand in truth and righteousness
Strap your feet up in readiness
The shield of faith stops the arrows
Put on my helmet, till salvation comes
I’m in the Spirit, I got my sword
The Word of God and I’m in prayer
Ready for the battle, I’m on my watch
I’m on my watch, till Glory comes
I’m ready for the battle, I’m on my watch
I’m standing on the front lines, There’s no clock
A soldier in His army, I got my gear
I know my Savior loves me, there’s no fear
The Saints got me prayed up, many nights I stayed up
Knowing that the time was coming near
I know the battles raging, so I’m steady praying
That you hear this message loud and clear
People know that life has a promise
Eternity will come, stop running from it
Salvation is the chance that we’ve all wanted
Since Adam disobeyed in Eden’s garden
Man tends to think that he’s the answer
But in the end he burns like Jo Jo Dancer
Salvation is the only way to cancel
The sentence we’ve demanded with our actions
Cause I’m a Warrior
I know I’ve been called
Yes I’m a Warrior
I’m ready for the battle
Cause I’m a Warrior
I got my sword
Yes I’m a Warrior
Till Glory comes
Yes I’m a Warrior
Cause I’m a Warrior
Yes I’m a Warrior

Ephesians 6:10-18